Top Seller Questions

Over the past 9 years Lisa and I have met almost 150 homeowners about listing their homes and over 100 have chosen to list with us!  After each appointment we debrief and we write notes about every question they asked. What were their concerns, what was important to them, what made them nervous and we then discuss how do we make the process easier for them, because selling a home can be stressful! 

What we have found after years of listing presentations and having marketed & sold over 100 listings that there are only a handful of questions that every client we've ever met with has consistently asked.  

1.  What price can I expect?  

2.  What is your track record?  

3.  How will you market my home?  

4.  How long will it take to sell?  

5.  Who will I be working with?  

6.  How will you be updating me?    

7.  How often will you communicate with me?  

8.  Do you provide staging? 

9.  Why is the Zestimate value different than yours?  

10.  How much will it cost me to sell?  

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