Nothing To Cry About!

Nothing To Cry About!

You've heard of seller's remorse, but seller's tears?

More than a third of people who've sold their homes say they have shed tears over the experience. Consumers' polled by Zillow rank peddling their properties as one of their most stressful  events - along with getting fired or planning a big wedding. Zillow quizzed home sellers about the process and found that 36% admitted sobbing over the experience. One in five of the people surveyed said they cried five times or more while unloading their property - boo hoo hoo.

"If you've ever sold a home before, you know how daunting the process can be," Zillow's Jeremy Wacksman said in the report. "Anticipating that stress can be a huge obstacle that keeps homeowners from moving on to the next stage of their lives. "Our survey found more Americans were stressed over selling their home than planning a wedding, getting fired or becoming a parent."

The home sellers insist it isn't crocodile tears. They say that uncertainty about their home's sale price, worries that the property wouldn't sell and pressure to fix up the homes triggered their weeping fits. With home prices in most neighborhoods at record levels, it could be that some of the sellers were crying all the way to the bank.

Since 60% of the folks Zillow talked to were also buying another property, buyer jitters also added to their consternation...

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