Job Opportunities Drive List of Hottest U.S. Markets for 2019

Job Opportunities Drive List of Hottest U.S. Markets for 2019

  • With strong projected home value growth and the strongest job numbers, San Jose, Calif., again ranks as the hottest market in U.S.
  • Four of the five hottest markets offer more job opportunities per person than 42 other major metros.
  • Markets that will continue to face challenges in 2019 are Cleveland and Hartford, Conn., as well as three large metros in the South – New Orleans, Memphis, Tenn., and Birmingham, Ala.

The U.S. housing market is cooling in some ways, but certain markets – fueled by rapid home value and rent appreciation, job opportunities, income growth and low unemployment – are red hot.

Much like last year, San Jose, Calif., is poised to be the nation’s hottest market in 2019. Driven by an abundance of job opportunities per person, the nation’s lowest unemployment rate, still-climbing household income and enduring housing cost appreciation, the South Bay Area metro finds itself at the top of Zillow’s list of hottest markets for 2019.

Home values in San Jose rose more than 10 percent last year and are expected to grow by 12.7 percent this year – although that forecast could turn quickly as last month’s numbers disappointed expectations. Rents actually fell very slightly in the San Jose area over the past year, but going forward are expected to grow by 2.1 percent over the coming year. But as real estate values continue to grow, housing affordability in the area has become a challenge even for those earning a hefty tech salary. Population growth has slowed and for-sale inventory is on the rise (from historic lows), which may slow growth in the future...

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